There’s a new place to get a caffeine buzz in downtown Manteno.

ReCharge Coffee Bar at 47½ W. Second St., Manteno, will be opening later this month and will be run by mother-and-son team Alicia and Seth Betts, of Manteno.

ReCharge Coffee Bar

Mother-and-son duo Alicia and Seth Betts will be the owners of Manteno's first coffee shop, ReCharge Coffee Bar, near the Square on Second. The endeavor won't be the first for either, as Alicia, 54, previously ran a pizza place for 25 years, and Seth, 18, who is headed for Columbia College for marketing, has started other businesses as well.

Alicia will manage the coffee shop, and Seth will handle all of the branding.

“It was essential for us to be in the downtown area and for us to be an amenity of [Legion] Park. Manteno is growing so much, and we’re gonna grow with it,” Alicia said.

Alicia, 54, and Seth, 18, are no strangers to owning a business. Alicia previously owned and ran Corleone Pizza with her late husband in Justice, Ill., for 25 years.

Alicia and Seth moved from Justice to Manteno in 2012.

Seth, a recent graduate of Manteno High School, is no stranger to entrepreneurship.

“I own multiple business already, so this is just another endeavor,” Seth said. “I do a lot of things in the DJ space for weddings, corporate parties.

“I thought about buying a franchise coffee shop, staffing it and never walking into it, but I didn’t want that.”

In the Fall, Seth will attend Columbia College in Chicago and study marketing.

ReCharge is the first noncorporate coffee shop in Manteno.

“It’s the first specialty coffee shop in the Manteno area, period,” Seth said. “It’s been an idea for a while. There’s a huge gap in the Manteno area where there’s not places for people to meet. I’m passionate about providing the atmosphere and that place not only for the average consumer but especially for teens.”

Along with being able to recharge your mind, body and soul with a caffeinated (or decaffeinated) drink, you also will be able to charge your devices and connect to Wi-Fi.

Four hundred square feet for a coffee shop might sound off-putting, but what they might lack in large space, they plan to make up for with the ultimate ordering experience.

“Imagine any other coffee shop, but we’re gonna make it easier,” Seth said. “Ordering coffee is hard. ReCharge will be equipped with digital display menus that will help customers customize their drinks exactly how they want them.

“We believe there’s a coffee for everyone, and you just have to find it. We want to make people who don’t drink coffee, or people who are afraid to walk into a Starbucks, comfortable instead of feeling like they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Seth doesn’t shy away from the fact some coffee shops tend to complicate things, which leads to consumer confusion.

“All these different blends mean where it’s from, how long they roasted the beans and how dark the roast is,” he said.

For coffee drinks, they’ll start at 50, 75, and 100 percent.

“That’ll be based on how much you need to refuel for the day,” Seth said. “If we don’t embrace the fact of our name and what we represent, it could come off cheesy.”

Customers can expect coffee, tea, bubble tea, sparkling water, fruit drinks, lemonade and pastries.


A latte from ReCharge Coffee Bar, soon to open in Manteno.

ReCharge also will have online ordering.

“They can order from our Facebook page, our website or on Google,” Seth said.

One also can order from the ReCharge Coffee Bar app in the App Store or the Google Play store from your iPhone or Android. Alicia and Seth also hope to set up coffee delivery after they open.

“I sold my house, and we downsized to a smaller place,” Alicia said. “We’re trying to live small and do something big.”

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