The Amish Kitchen

It is Saturday evening here at the Eicher homestead. It is 7 p.m., and the mercury on the thermometer is down to 33 degrees. We are having snow flurries all day, with no accumulation, though. I think our warm weather is history for 2022. Last Saturday, I was out without a coat raking leaves, and now today, with a high of 36 degrees, I limited outdoor work to only the necessity.

It is a quiet night here. The three boys and Lovina all had plans tonight and all left before supper. My husband, Joe, is showering now, and we will call it an early night. Our church services are hosted by a family that lives 11 miles from here. Everyone will need to make an early start.

Last night, we had our whole family here for supper. It has been a while since everyone was home, at least at the same time. The menfolk grilled 20 pounds of chicken as well as some wings. We made mashed potatoes and noodles along with cheese and then brownies, gelatin cake and ice cream for dessert.

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