Best Bites - Quiche 1

In this special weekend edition of “Best Bites,” Tinker Parker challenges a local Dad to try his hand at a quiche.

This month Best Bites is introducing the first “Dads in the Kitchen Challenge.” I will be challenging area dads to prepare a recipe given to them by me and they will prepare it for their family.

Recipes will range from simple to moderately difficult depending on the dad and his skills in the kitchen. With Mother’s Day coming in a few weeks, dads and kids can surprise mom with a homemade brunch dish that she can enjoy.

This month I challenged Jeff Keast, Bourbonnais, to make French Quiche Lorraine. I sent Jeff the recipe and ingredient list so he could follow as closely as possible.

This quiche recipe included a pastry crust, custard filling with cheese, lots of cheese, and bacon. Jeff was told he could use prepared pie dough, if he wanted, or change up just a few ingredients but not too much.

After he finished, Jeff sent me his review and a few photos. He did make the pastry dough but did a few revisions to the custard.

“I used Boursin cheese with shallot and chives, parmesan and chihuahua cheese,” he wrote. “It took longer to set as Boursin is more like cream cheese. But I followed the rest of the recipe.”

Jenny, his wife, said, “It was very good.” She said that normally quiches are “dry and overcooked,” but she liked it. Jeff said he served it with Trader Joe’s corn salsa, which added a little zing to it.

This Mother’s Day recipe would be great for mom. Serve this with a side of fresh fruit, coffee, juice and a hug.

Thanks, Jeff, for being up to the challenge! You did a great job!

Tinker Parker is an adjunct communication professor at Kankakee Community College and Governors State University. She can be contacted through The Daily Journal at or directly at;; or Best Bites Hotline 815-802-5101.