Are you looking for a kids' movie that can hold the attention of a 2 or 3 year old yet still entertain the 10-12 year olds and not bore the adults? Well, you've found it in the new Dreamworks' film "Home." This stop-motion animation film about an unlikely hero and a misunderstood "Boov," finds a way into the heart of everyone watching. Starring the voices of Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory") as Oh, Rhianna as Gratuity "Tip" Tucci, Steve Martin as Captain Smek, and Jennifer Lopez as Lucy, Tip's mom, this all-star vocal cast brings vitality to a larger-than-life story.

Oh is a Boov and the Boovs are aliens on the run from the mighty Gorg who seek to destroy them. As the Boovs take over planet Earth, they ship all the simple humans to a confined living space. Loving their new life on planet Earth, the Boovs soon find themselves in trouble yet again because of the oddball Boov named Oh. You see, Oh just wants to fit in, but he doesn't. He seems to constantly makes mistakes. Well, you know the old saying, "Nine strikes and you're out?" (one of the many examples of humorous Boov errors) Oh has made seven times that number. The final straw occurs when Oh attempts to throw a "warming of house party" in his new home. With his e-invite, he accidentally hits "send all" which is inclusive of the enemy Gorgs. Who hasn't accidentally hit that "send all" or "reply all" button before? Now poor Oh is on the run from his own people! While evading the Boovs and trying to right his wrong, Oh runs into Tip who is in search of her mom. Together, they both seek to accomplish their goals, finding much more than they initially expected.

"Home" is a high energy, vibrant, and entertaining film that will capture your attention and your heart. The animation is spectacular in 3-D, as these characters truly feel life-like. The camera perspective as it follows the adorable cat and the angles in which we view many scenes, brings this film to life. With the amazing expressions of the humans and the larger than life emotions from the very simplistically created Boovs, you frequently forget that you are watching an animated film.

Although this isn't on par with "The Boxtrolls" or "Toy Story" with their multilayered humor, it is still somewhat entertaining to adults. The creative way in which the Boovs talk, using grammatical errors in a rather quaint way, endears you to these little creatures. Thankfully, with many of these kid movies, you can count on a few lessons to be taught and reinforced. That is definitely the case with "Home." For example, neither Tip nor Oh just feel like they fit in. In fact, as Oh states, "I fit out." Well said. In addition, judging a book by its cover, communication, perseverance, and many other aspects of life are highlighted in wonderfully positive ways.

The voices behind the animations are definitely recognizable with Steve Martin as Captain Smek. You can almost see him performing his "Two Wild and Crazy Guys" moves from Saturday Night Live. And having Rhianna as the lead means that you'll be hearing some amazing songs and music. "The Big Bang Theory" fans will enjoy Jim Parsons' performance as many of his facial expressions come to the forefront with Oh.

"Home" is a colorful and energetic, sometimes even frenetic, film that children of all ages will enjoy. There's not a moment of down-time in this film for kids' attentions to wander. In addition, the munchkins will learn some positive life lessons and parents will enjoy some of the references and humor that will most likely go over the kids' heads. All in all, "Home" is a winner which will make your child say, "Today is the best day ever." (Just like Oh!)

3½ out of 4 stars.

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