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Loretta Devine, left, and Talia Jackson star as M’Dear and Jade McKellan in the Netflix original series, “Family Reunion.”

Have you ever snapped green beans on the porch, or anywhere for that matter? Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t. It starts to hurt your fingers after a while.

It’s a tradition in the South and it can be seen on the new Netflix original series, “Family Reunion.”

“Family Reunion” premiered on Netflix July 10, with its first part, consisting of 10, half-hour episodes.

Created by Meg DeLoatch (producing credits include “Raven’s Home,” “One on One,” and “Family Matters”), the new series stars Tia Mowry-Hardrict (“Sister, Sister,” “The Game”), Loretta Devine (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Waiting to Exhale”) and Richard Roundtree (“Shaft,” “Being Mary Jane”).

This series doesn’t lack seasoned actors and actresses (and a few familiar faces), but the kids bring the laughs and the show itself to new heights. Any scene with the kids and Devine is sure to get a laugh out of anyone.

family reunion 2

The McKellann family has a laugh with a special musical guest on the Netflix original series, “Family Reunion.”

Anthony Alabi, who portrays Cocoa’s (Mowry) husband, Moz, didn’t have to reach too far in his bag of tricks to portray a retired football player in this series. Alabi formerly played for the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs before pursuing acting in 2010.

Moz and Cocoa, along with their four kids, Jade, Shaka, Mazzi and Ami (portrayed by Talia Jackson, Isaiah-Russel Bailey, Cameron J. Wright and Jordan Raya James, respectively) took a trip from Seattle, Wash., to Columbus, Ga., for a family reunion and decided that they could have a life there. They quickly realized that they should’ve thought things through beforehand.

Adjusting to a Southern lifestyle was an adjustment for everyone, and especially for Cocoa and Jade. Cocoa had to somewhat become a church-going mom and give up her new-age parenting styles that didn’t fly in M’Dear’s (Devine) household, and Jade had multiple encounters with peers at school who didn’t think she was “woke” enough.

Episode 10 titled “Remember When Our Boys Became Men?,” the family has a run-in with law enforcement, leaving their future in Georgia up in the air, and leaving you dying to see what happens in Part two.

In October of 2018, Netflix announced that they gave the show a straight-to-order series of 20 episodes. Part two is currently in the works.

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