Clarice TV Show

Rebecca Breeds stars in “Clarice” on CBS.

The new psychological thriller “Clarice” (9 p.m., CBS, TV-14) explores the tortured character of Clarice Starling, popularized by Jodie Foster in the 1991 Oscar-winning adaptation of Thomas Harris’ grim novel “The Silence of the Lambs.”

The series, starring Rebecca Breeds in the title role, is set in the early ‘90s, a year after the capture of the serial killer Buffalo Bill depicted in the film. The period setting allows “Clarice” to unfold in a pre-digital age.

“Clarice” could just as well be titled “The World Against Clarice.” She’s first seen with an FBI therapist, who, rather than counsel her, appears to be intent on abusing her for having the temerity to have solved a high-profile case outside the agency’s norms. Drawn back into the mix after a number of bodies suggest the emergence of a new serial predator, she’s told by her boss “everyone hates you.” And the next 30 minutes go on to prove that right.

Breeds does a pretty good job of affecting the shellshock of a highly sensitive detective. Does her delicate nature stem from an abusive childhood? Or the jerks at the FBI? The latter get tiresome rather quickly.

At times, “Clarice” stands out as rather artfully crafted for a network procedural. Some of the camera work is stunning. But it also relies on a number of tiresome tricks. Clarice takes a lot of photos as an investigator and is subject to many news photographers as a high-profile profiler. So, it can get annoying when every snap of the shutter is amplified to sound like an incoming howitzer round. Equally formulaic is the depiction of newly discovered victims, presented with both graphic morbidity and faux reverence. A gospel choir erupts every time the cops zip up the tarp over a decomposing corpse.

Note: To popularize its new series, CBS will stream the debuts of both “Clarice” and “The Equalizer” on Pluto, the free ad-supported platform.

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