Chasing Ghislaine

"Chasing Ghislaine" is now streaming on Discovery+. 

Every time conspiracy theories seem too “out there,” something happens in the real world to top them. And no collection of rumors and fact, shadows and light has more power than the story of Jeffrey Epstein, his influential friends, mysterious death and cache of potentially incendiary secrets.

The Epstein saga is the backdrop to the documentary series “Chasing Ghislaine,” streaming on Discovery+. It also will air during three hours on the ID Network on plain old cable Dec. 3.

Executive-produced by novelist James Patterson and New York Times journalist and author Vicky Ward, “Chasing” catalogs Epstein’s many alleged crimes and network of connections as well as his girlfriend and protector Ghislaine Maxwell’s own life as a socialite and daughter to the (in)famous media mogul Robert Maxwell.

A refugee from Czechoslovakia, Ghislaine’s father amassed a publishing empire, became a member of British Parliament, and was thought to have been a spy. He was facing charges of fraud and financial irregularities when his body was found bobbing in the Atlantic Ocean. He was thought to have “fallen” from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine.

If Maxwell’s life seems like the stuff of pulp fiction, it’s because he helped inspire a character in the James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” and was profiled by busy paperback writer Jeffrey Archer in his 1996 book “The Fourth Estate.”

Ghislaine Maxwell will go on trial in Manhattan on Nov. 29. She is charged with procuring underaged girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

• If a “war on Christmas” actually exists, it is not the Fox News-fueled malarky about “the left” banishing the holiday but the corporate and retail stampede to cram Christmas down our throats ever earlier in the calendar year.

In a brazen act of scheduling sacrilege, CBS broadcasts “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (7 p.m., CBS, TV-G), three whole nights before Thanksgiving. Only a truly misfit toy would think that’s a good idea.


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