Beavis and Butt-head

Do streaming customers want to find something new or something familiar?

For some time, Netflix seemed aimed toward the former, offering a bottomless well of programming for the curious binger. Many of its hits appeared from out of the blue and then established genres of their own. Did anyone know “Tiger King” would dominate the conversation during the early months of COVID? Or that a dysfunctional South Korean drama such as “Squid Game” would become the hottest thing a year later? But for every hit, there seem to be thousands of random offerings, more every day.

In contrast, Paramount+ seems to know exactly what its subscribers want. In its brief existence, Paramount+ has catered to fans of “Star Trek” and has expanded that franchise to serve them. It knows the diehard but more defined audience for “The Good Wife” and “The Good Fight” will show up for those series. How do you take advantage of Paramount’s ownership of the “Godfather” films? Create an origin story miniseries called “The Offer.”

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