"Big Mouth"

The Hormone Monstress is voiced by Maya Rudolph, and Jessi is voiced by Jessi Klein in Netflix's new animated comedy "Big Mouth."

Have you ever thought about reliving those days when you first were going through puberty? Well, Netflix does it for you with a new coming-of-age, animated sitcom called "Big Mouth."

Created by Nick Kroll ("The League"), Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin and Jennifer Flacket, "Big Mouth" is based on Kroll and Goldberg's teenage years growing up in the suburbs of New York City.

This show could be geared only toward a very specific age group of 16 and older, somewhat past the peak of puberty: Young enough to relate to subjects of the series — menstrual cycles and feelings for the opposite sex — but not too young that it's inappropriate.

"Big Mouth" takes full advantage of the content freedom Netflix allows, exploring the early days of puberty and how it challenges boys and girls physically, mentally and emotionally. One scene features full-frontal male nudity, young teens use profane language, and there's plenty of behavior represented that's not suitable for children.

The creators do this in the most humorous yet teachable way possible by adding an extremely crude Hormone Monster (Kroll, who also voices a comical yet clueless basketball coach) and a Hormone Monstress (Maya Rudolph).

They act as the voices inside the teens' heads, encouraging the full, raging mood swings that the Monstress fully and compassionately supports with teenage Jessi (Jessi Klein).

The show features some big names in comedy, including Jordan Peele ("Keanu" and "Get Out") and Fred Armisen ("SNL" and "Portlandia").

Guest voice appearances include John Hamm, Nathan Fillion and Kristen Wiig. The show also is accompanied by a very visual title sequence paired with the appropriate song "Changes," a Black Sabbath song covered by soul singer Charles Bradley. Don't use the "skip intro" feature.

Since its premiere, "Big Mouth" has been criticized for sexualizing young teens, but all it does is tell the harsh and sometimes funny truth of what going through puberty actually is like. It refuses to glaze over or sugarcoat its way past any details, minor or major.

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