Thank you

With post-Christmas spare time, write a thank you note to the people most important to you.

Another Christmas has come and gone. The gifts are opened, the cookies are eaten and Santa has returned home to the North Pole. Between the days post-Christmas and pre-2021, there are unique opportunities for things to do that might not be available throughout the rest of the year.

Post-holiday sales

Take advantage of post-holiday sales to continue the celebration. There’s no rule that says gingerbread houses are to be decorated by the morning of Dec. 25, so why not enjoy the day-after sales and decorate a delicious house in the days following Christmas?

Sales also help you get a jump on décor for next year. This is a chance to grab decorations on sale and store them for use next year. Take advantage of holiday candies and treats being on sale, as all stockings have been stuffed. Couple these treats with a post-Christmas family game night or movie night.

Donate items

Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean that the spirit of giving should stop. After receiving new clothes and home items for Christmas, it’s a good idea to take a little bit of time in the days after to clear out clothes no longer worn or items no longer used. This will create space for the new items, and will present an opportunity to donate previously owned items.

While it’s always great to help others, donations can also help future taxes. Christina Harding store manager of Goodwill in Bourbonnais noted that this timeframe is donation heavy due to donors looking to get deduction receipts for their taxes.

“There is usually an influx in donations after Christmas and before the New Year,” Harding said.

Send thank you notes

Thank you notes are typically for material items or for special occasion attendance. It’s important to remember beloved friends and family members, even if they haven’t provided a gift.

Consider taking some of the spare time between Christmas and New Years to write a “thank you for being in my life” note to let others know that they are being thought of during this special time of year. Post-holiday sales can come into play again, as Christmas and holiday cards will likely be available at a reduced price.