One of the early ways I became aware of my intuition was by sensing an uncomfortable feeling when I walked into a room where people had been arguing. Or, I might feel nauseated upon meeting someone, and my sense would be that they could not be trusted. Although it took me a long time to acknowledge that these were actually my intuition at work, I always innately trusted the feelings I got. It was as if I was sensing something about their auras.

An aura is the energy field that surrounds living creatures. If we look at how the aura is believed to be structured, it becomes very clear why we can sense people's emotions. Although there is a certain amount of body language that we naturally read (anger creases, smile lines, posture, etc.), our auras — or subtle bodies — extend farther than the edges of our skin; and as we approach others, our auras interact.

Auras are believed to be made up of several layers and extend several feet beyond our physical body. Each represents some aspect of the connection between our physical body and our soul. Different colors within the aura represent different emotions or physical states.

Terry Yohnka lives in Kankakee and does private tarot readings. She has had an interest in New Age topics for more than 50 years. Her column, esoTerry, appears in every issue of Yes! magazine. Contact Terry at 815-214-9412.

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