I always enjoy hearing how you’re saving money in this economy — whether it’s with coupons, via smart shopping habits or by celebrating those amazing deals we’ve all encountered that were so good, we just had to tell someone about them. Here’s a sampling of emails I’ve received recently from readers such as you:

Dear Jill: I’ve been upset lately that there have been no cereal coupons at all. My kids eat a lot of cereal. I mentioned this to an employee stocking the cereal shelf at my local supermarket, and he took me to a set of shelves in the back of the store where they move the soon-to-expire products to. There I found multiples boxes of a popular kids’ cereal marked down to just .93 per box.

I was elated. The expiration date for these was three months out, so I bought them. The best part happened later. This store mails out booklets of coupons that are custom based around what you have purchased at the store in the past. A few weeks later, my coupon booklet had coupons to get more of this same brand of cereal. — Whitney A.

Jill Cataldo, a coupon workshop instructor, writer and mother of three, never passes up a good deal. Learn more about Super-Couponing at her website, Email your own couponing victories and questions to

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