5 activities - Wizard Festival

Wizard Festival is coming to Bourbonnais on July 31.

Daily Journal staff report

Wizard Festival is flying into town July 31, and there is no shortage of fun activities to try during the day. Here are five you won’t want to miss.

Potions class

Nicole Zizic, the festival’s event manager, said making potions is one of the most popular activities at any Wizard event.

“We get a lot of people who like the potions class because it’s very interactive,” Zizic said. “Volunteers can come up and help brew different potions.”

Participants will learn the correct way to brew potions and about the ingredients that go into potion-making.

Sorting House

Find out which Hogwarts house you belong in by putting on the Sorting Hat during the sorting ceremony. Find out whether home is Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

“Everybody always likes being sorted,” she said, adding it’s one of the most popular parts of the day.

Flying lessons

Learn the proper way to fly a broom and participate in a broom race.

“They get to race and do different things with the brooms,” she said. “We have the homemade broomsticks, so it’s a very cool, tactile thing.”

Wizard Alley

This area features local and other vendors with arts, crafts and more. Wizard memorabilia and a large variety of wands will be available in the alley.

Themed food and drink

The fest will feature a special themed menu available for purchase during the event, including Roasted Phoenix, Hogsmeade Sausage and much more. Don’t forget to pick up a Chocolate Frog. Also available for purchase will be themed drinks such as Butterbeer, Poly Juice Potion and more at The Cauldron Bar. Order one served in a souvenir glass to take home.