5 items to add to a Little Free Library

The “take one, leave one” concept of the Little Free Library allows for the experience to be a collaborative one with the community. Here are five items that can be left in a Little Free Library.


If you’ve just finished reading a book, or have a couple that are collecting dust on your shelf, put it in the box to replace what you’re taking.


If you have a community-friendly movie that you no longer have use for, consider leaving it behind for the next person.


If you have an empty notebook you’ll likely never use, add it to the box for someone else to write their story. Or, you could start a guest book for the LPL and write down your first name, the date and the item you selected. Don’t forget to bring a pen!


Have a few magazines taking up space in your home? Add them to the box for the next person to read or craft with.

Encouraging note

The only thing better than a note of encouragement is a note of encouragement when you’re least expecting it. Leave a kind, anonymous note to brighten the day of the next person. Or, stick it inside of a book for it to be found down the line.