Roller Coaster

As the film festival momentum continues keep an eye out for outstanding short films like “Roller Coaster.”  

Bradley Hawkins and his daughter, Sarah, teamed up to create a movie about life and how it's just like a roller coaster ride. Gathering awards at the INDIE Film Fest and Moonfaze Film Festival in L.A., "Roller Coaster" appears to be gathering speed and thrilling audiences across the nation.

A struggling young actress attempts to find her way into the competitive and discouraging world of film auditions and she's on the ride of her life. This beautifully executed film takes us on a visual journey of determination in the life of an actor, but Murphy’s Law seems to be the other major character in the film.

Creating a short film in many ways is even more challenging than a feature film as you have to convey an entertaining and detailed story in a fraction of the time. “Roller Coaster” immediately rises to the challenge.

Initially, we find the young actress, Emily (Hawkins) panicking as she oversleeps for an audition. (Who can’t relate to that?) She frantically gets dressed and puts on make up but then her car won't start.

The day spirals out of control as other frustrating and realistic problems crop up. We are right there with her as she has a temper tantrum behind the wheel of her parked car.  

The situations Emily finds herself dealing with are ironic, memorable and simply priceless. “Roller Coaster” is anything but predictable though. Life is full of surprises and so is “Roller Coaster!”

Humor is also an integral part of this film. There are stereotypical, voluptuous blondes who look down their noses at this sweet All-American girl and their synchronized hair flip had me in stitches!  

With impeccably timed cuts, superb attention to detail and creative edits the film and story are wonderfully creative.

Ms. Hawkins shines as the lead conveying every moment of her frustrating day with few words but an array of expressions. The physical acting of the supporting cast members succinctly and skillfully supplements the story-line.

“Roller Coaster” is relatable, comedic and totally satisfying, just like an amusement park ride.