Will soccer soon be the king of American spectator sports?

Another sign that futbol continues to rise in popularity came throughout the last few weeks, as the 2018 World Cup continued to draw widespread interest in America even though the American team was not part of the field.

Yes, television ratings suffered without direct U.S. involvement, but still more than 4 million Americans on average watched the matches on FOX television, including the many millions who tuned in Sunday morning to watch France defeat Croatia for the championship.

More telling is youth participation in soccer across America.

While some studies show a recent decline in participation, others show a measurable increase which likely is to occur again.

US Youth Soccer reported a 9 percent increase in participation following the 2014 World Cup. This year’s exciting tournament promises to deliver another bump.

Will soccer ultimately become the most popular sport in America? That’s not so likely, but expect it to share equal stature with baseball, basketball, football, hockey and auto racing as time goes on.