Details for Garage/Yard Sale Ordinances Bourbonnais Off­site garage/yard sale signs permitted on


Garage/Yard Sale Ordinances Bourbonnais Off­site garage/yard sale signs permitted on Thurs., Fri., Sat. & Sun. only & must be removed by 7 a. m. on the following Mon. Signs no larger than 2 feet by 2 feet, cannot be placed on trees, fences, utility poles, streetlight poles, traffic signals, street signs, stop signs or similar items. Signs must contain the address of the property where the garage/yard sales being conducted. They cannot be placed within 100 feet in any direction of the intersection of Illinois 102 and U.S. 45/52, including the landscaped islands. Signs cannot be placed on village property, including the village hall, public works, buildings, village parks, flower beds, landscape area or drainage areas. Signs shall not be displayed on any portable device or vehicle parked on any public street or right of way. If signs are placed in the right of way, namely that area between a sidewalk and the curb, the person placing the sign shall first have the permission of the owner of the property adjoining the right of way, or that property owner would have the ability to remove and dispose of the signs. If the Village has to remove any garbage or yard sale sign because the sign(s) do not meet these regulations, the person or persons responsible for the placement of the sign(s) may be subject to a $50.00 removal fee. Bradley No fee. Registration required at Village Hall 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Permitted e two 3 day sales per year. Signage cannot be on public property, easements, poles, signs and the like. Herscher No fee. No signs posted on public property Kankakee Permit issued to anyone hosting a sale within City of Kankakee, obtained at City Clerk's Office, 304 S. Indiana Ave, 9-5, Mon. - Fri.; Residents limited to two (3) day sales consecutive) during a 12 mo period. Permit is $5/sale. Hours of operation 8 am to 8 pm. Permits must be posted in a conspicious place on premises & visible from the street during the operation of the sale, not on terraces, sidewalks, treese or utility poles & must be removed within four hours after the sale is completed. A fine of not less than $10 nor greater that $100 will be issued upon violations: failure to obtain a permit, failure to remove permit; posting on trees and/or utility poles, fraudulently altering any permit or using it for premises other than the address issued for. Permits are non-transferable and non-assignable are good only for the dates, time and residence address issued. One-day rain permits may be reissued at no charge in the event of inclement weather which occures over a substantial portion of those days permited for the sale, if the person contacts the City Clerk's Office within ten (10) days from the last day of the sale. Manteno No permit or registration required. Any area between sidewalk and curb is considered village parkway and, as such, must not have any signs or structures placed or built upon it. Signs attached to trees or public utility poles are prohibited. Momence $5.00 fee. No signage on city property. Peotone An application for a garage sale permit must be made at least 48 hours prior to the sale date. The cost of each garage sale permit is $5.00. Residents are limited to two (2) garage sales per year. 01 (However, one (1)rain date will be allowed for the following week only). Garage sales held in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce "Community Garage Sales Days" will not require village permits or count toward the two sale limit. No garage sale may last longer than two days. Garage sales may only be held between 8 am and 4 pm. Items for intentional resale may not be sold at garage sales. The garage sale must not obstruct sidewalks/walkways. No garage sales are permitted on the weekend of the Peotone Country Festival. Residents will be limited to one (1) sign per sale, no larger that 4 square feet, and no higher than 3 feet from the ground; Signs must be placed on private property at location of sale only, not in parkways or public right-of-ways; Fines for violation of ordinances range from $25 to $750.

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