Riverside Senior Life Communities

 Riverside Senior Life Communities recently thanked employees at Jewel in Kankakee for helping its members shop for the residents of RSLC on a weekly basis. READ MORE

At the Riverside Senior Life Communities, an independent living facility in Kankakee, no one imagined their lives would be put on hold, and they especially never envisioned being isolated from their families and the community. The COVID-19 pandemic changed all that.

The residents at RSLC enjoyed their weekly shopping trips to our local grocery stores before the pandemic. However, the shopping trips came to a halt for the residents, leading to the activities department to take over.

For the past year Renee Trevino and Brooke Peters caught a ride on the RSLC caravan to the neighborhood Jewel Osco in Kankakee, where they spent numerous hours weekly, shopping for 25 or more residents.

Each week, the Jewel staff went above and beyond to ensure the shopping experience went smoothly. At checkout, the cashier, Monica, would close down her lane due to separate transactions for each resident.

The grocery bagger, David, would separate the orders by bag to ensure the job of unloading and delivering the groceries was quick and easy. During the shopping trips many Jewel staff would ask if there was anything they could help with.

One staff member in particular, Rodney, was extremely generous and even offered snacks.

The store director, Victor, allowed for the shopping carts to be loaded on the bus each week to make the delivery of the groceries to RSLC easier.

The neighborhood Jewel supported its community members in a time of need, and they deserve to be recognized for their service.

RSLC wants to thank the Jewel staff for their love and support throughout these unprecedented times.