Johanna Linman, of Linman Family McDonald’s, recently received the Operations Technology Pro of the Year award in the Chicago field office of McDonald’s.

Linman has worked to develop 24 OTP1s (Operations Technology Person) and 16 OTP2s. She has also worked in the development of an additional OTP Pro for the organization and has successfully managed the OTP Program in the organization.

Linman has maintained McDonald’s standards on cabling in the restaurants to ensure downtime is minimal in each restaurant. She worked with the Chicago field office on a price elasticity test for beverages in the stores. She has also partnered with QSRsoft to help develop a software that has streamlined the food donation process and program that impacts every restaurant that participates in the Food Donation Program nationwide.

Linman also works on the digital strategy driving crew and management training in preparation of the loyalty launch. She has participated and completed all additional OTP certifications, including certification as a CODE (Core Operations Digital Expert) for McDonald’s IT support network.

Linman Family McDonald’s operates several McDonald’s restaurants in the greater Kankakee area.